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T-fal CB540852 Balanced Living Electric Griddle

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T-fal CB540852 Balanced Living Electric Griddle

T-fal CB540852 Balanced Living Electric Griddle

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Create wholesome family memories with the T-fal CB540852 Balanced Living Griddle, the griddle that tells you when it's ready to cook!

Discover the secret of perfect cooking with Thermo-Spot. As the griddle heats up, the pattern changes to a solid red color indicating it's at the perfect temperature to help seal in the natural flavors of your food. The T-fal Balanced Living Griddle also features a large and durable non-stick cooking surface which is slightly sloped to drain away unwanted fat into the intregrated drip tray for healthy meals. It comes with a removable and integrated drip-tray. The T-fal CB540852 Balanced Living Griddle is entirely dishwasher safe (except the electrical heating control) and stores vertically. This griddle has a powerful 1,500-watt heating element for even heat distribution.

  • Large cooking surface: 171 square inches (9.5 x 18 inches)
  • Integrated and detachable drip tray
  • Entirely dishwasher safe (except heating element)
  • Vertical storage with integrated plug storage underneath
  • Slopped surface for run off
  • On/off light
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 1,500 watts of power
  • 1-year limited warranty